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In 2020 CDS Group put into service 440,000 sq. m.

In 2020, CDS Group put into service about 440,000 sq. m of real estate, which is one third more than in 2019. Currently the developer has another 1.4 million square meters of real estate under construction.

In 2020, CDS Group put into service about 440,000 sq. m of residential real estate, social facilities and associated infrastructure. Permits were obtained for the commissioning of the Polyustrovo housing development, the first stage of the Elizarovsky housing development, the third block of the Moskovsky housing development, the seventh block of the Prinevsky housing development, and the third block of the Murinsky Posad housing development. Moreover, in the Murinsky Posad housing development a kindergarten for 180 children was opened. According to the Unified Register of Developers, at the end of 2020 CDS Group was one of three major construction companies in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in terms of housing commissioned.

In 2019, CDS Group commissioned over 320,000 sq. m. Thus, the year‐on‐year growth amounted to more than 37%.

In 2021, the company is planning to put into service a number of other sites with a total area of more than 450,000 sq. m. They include the Volkovsky housing development, the second stage of the Elizarovsky housing development, two blocks of the Chornaya Rechka housing development, four blocks of the Severny housing development, one of the blocks of the Prinevsky housing development, the last two blocks in the Moskovsky housing development and a kindergarten for 100 children in the Elizarovsky housing development.

“In 2021, in addition to completing the construction of current sites, we are going to focus on the development of our large‐scale projects in Novosaratovka, Pargolovo and Bugry, as well as introduce a new housing development in the north of the Primorsky district in St. Petersburg. Current market conditions and the level of demand, despite the challenging pandemic situation, fuel confidence in the prospects for new projects,” Sergei Terentyev, Director of CDS Group Real Estate Department, said.

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