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Chornaya Rechka declared the best integrated urban development project in SPb and the Len. reg.

The Chornaya Rechka business class quarter in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg won Urban Awards 2021, the 13th Federal residential urban real estate competition. The housing development qualified as the Best Integrated Urban Development Project of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The Chornaya Rechka business class quarter was named the Best Integrated Urban Development Project in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in the 13th Federal Urban Awards.

Chornaya Rechka received well‐deserved recognition as the integrated urban development benchmark. Nine residential buildings of various heights with customised architecture intended for 4,800 apartments in total, two kindergartens for 480 children, a modern school for 1,175 pupils, and parkings for 2,688 cars are combined in the project. Residents’ security and privacy are ensured by a private courtyard with various recreational areas and playgrounds, and the improvement concept is complemented by a pedestrian promenade park.

Several more CDS Group housing developments reached the final of the Urban Awards 2021. For instance, the Volkovsky project was a finalist in the Best Low‐Rise Housing Development in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region category. The Novosaratovka city cluster (Gorod Pervykh quarter) was a 2021 finalist in the Best Regional Comfort Class Housing Development under Construction in the Northwestern Federal District category. The Chornaya Rechka business class quarter also qualified for the final in the Best Business Class Housing Development under Construction in St. Petersburg and Most Investment‐Attractive Project categories.

“This victory is the result of the well‐coordinated work of our large CDS team. Every time when we develop new project concepts, they turn out to be much better than their predecessors, and the internal working standards are constantly evolving. It is flattering to know that our ideas have been highly appreciated by the professional community; this helps to set milestones and benchmarks for further business development and boldly move towards them,” Venera Khadeeva, Executive Director of CDS Group, said.

In 2021, over two hundred nominees from 34 Russian regions competed to become the Urban Awards winner. The winners received honorary diplomas and the Best Site title in their category.

The Urban Awards’ aim is to recognize crowning achievements in residential urban real estate of the past calendar year. The main objective of the award is to identify residential projects of the highest quality, which will improve the development standards in Russia and help buyers select housing.

A prestigious jury evaluates the place of the competing projects, the materials used in construction, architectural and design solutions, the housing development’s technical equipment, the number of parking lots provided, personal safety, the improvement concept, the housing infrastructure and locations, as well as the price‐quality ratio of residential and non‐residential premises included in the project.

All participants are subject to a rigorous multi‐stage selection process. During the first voting stage, the expert jury evaluates applicants’ questionnaires for their compliance with all the necessary requirements. Based on the first selection results a shortlist of projects is prepared. At the second stage, the jury members visit the sites to inspect and evaluate the housing developments. During the final third selection stage, the finalists defend their projects before the jury and the winners are selected in the main categories.

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