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  • CDS Tech will develop the company’s digital ecosystem, that already includes 15 IT solutions
  • The company invested over 300 million rubles in the development of CDS Tech and the software products;
  • Over the last 3 years, the financial effect from the implementation of digital products has exceeded 650 million rubles;
  • The company today launches MonSTR, a unique patented solution for construction control. The solution allows CDS to address double the comments on the construction process and is ready for commercial use.

The CDS Group, one of the leading developers in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, today announces the launch of CDS Tech, its own digital laboratory for the development and testing of unique IT solutions for the construction industry. More than 50 IT specialists will work in the laboratory, based in the company’s IT department.

CDS Tech will centralize development of high‐tech software products for the entire construction business chain: from design and construction to sales and after‐sales service management. Today, CDS Group’s digital ecosystem already includes 15 IT solutions that have automated 100% of the company’s business processes. The company invested over 300 million rubles in the development of the ecosystem and software products in the past 3 years and the financial effect of business digitalization has already exceeded 650 million rubles and continues to grow.

The CDS Tech latest development is MonSTR, a fully‐fledged software product patented by the company in 2020. The solution allows the Company to track external contractors’ comments, monitor the volume of work performed and carry out apartment’s acceptance by tenants. MonSTR has successfully completed a three‐month test cycle and in November 2021 when the solution with extended functionality was successfully launched. The solution allowed the company to transfer the construction quality control to a paperless form, increase the speed and efficiency of communications among staff, minimize bureaucratic delays and double the efficiency of construction control. MonSTR helped to improve customer satisfaction, with the quality of commissioned objects increasing by 40% since 2020.

MonSTR is an application tailored for construction companies’ needs, that outperforms existing market analogs in terms of the variety of tools as well as in terms of implementation expenses and has already attracted the attention of external customers. All work within the system is carried out in real‐time‐mode using a mobile application available for Android and iOS platforms. The application can be switched to offline mode, allowing the specialists to continue their work without an internet connection.

Mikhail Orlov

Director of the Information Technology Department

Over the past five years, CDS specialists have done a tremendous job on processes automation. They have developed about 15 services including unique solutions for the construction industry. The IT department has grown into a fully-fledged business area, which is playing a significant role in the dynamic growth of the company. The services implemented in CDS Tech save employees more than 1600 working hours per month, while the productivity of some departments has more than doubled

All the company’s developments support the idea of end‐to‐end automation of business processes, including the functionality of CRM and ERP systems. All the data on the characteristics of property, construction process, material and financial flows, comments, interior, buyers, acceptance of the apartment and after‐sales service is kept in a single ecosystem, which all participants in the process have instant access to. This ensures seamless communication and allows any problems to be solved as soon as possible.

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